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Three Part Romantic Comedy Mini Series Jenny & Jeff

Three Part Romantic Comedy Mini Series Jenny & Jeff

A three part romantic comedy mini series Jenny & Jeff, produced by OSM Member Karen Tusa and featuring OSM member Casandra Tusa, recently won the “Rising Star” award in the TV Pilot Competition at the Canada International Film festival in Vancouver BC. The film was also named an official selection and competing in the base category of Romance at the Rome Web Awards and was named as an Official Selection in the Los Angeles Cinefest.

Jenny & Jeff is a three part mini series following the relationship of two life long friends who realize they were always meant for each other.

Jenny & Jeff will be shot entirely in Winnipeg Manitoba with Winnipeg born Actors, Crew and Production. Including Jason Heke who is known for his work on films such as Goon and Haunting In Connecticut and Jack and many more.

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