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The Manitoba Film Industry Works

Here are some key messages about Manitoba’s film industry:

  • Currently, 2000+ full-time jobs are created by the film and television industry. The perception that films bring in all their own cast and crew is false. The majority of projects filmed in Manitoba employ mostly local crew. As an example, nearly 100% of the crew on The Pinkertons was Manitoban, while 95% of the acting roles went to locals.
  • In the past 10 years, Manitoba has seen $1.2 billion worth of production. Over half of that was spent in the province on salaries, supplies and services.
  • In March, the Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit was continued, as noted in Budget 2018. This is a vote of confidence from the Province of Manitoba, which recognizes the value of sustained industry support and understands the economic and cultural benefits of the production sector.
  • In 2016-17, 15 feature films, 20 television series (fiction and factual), 20 one-off documentaries, 2 movies-of-the-week, one pilot and numerous short films were filmed in Manitoba.
  • Over 350 IATSE members and over 81 DGC members are currently working in Manitoba.
  • Based on five-year annual average (2012/13-2016/17), the Province’s $18 million investment in the Manitoba Film & Video Tax Production Credit and the Feature Film Production Fund (equity investments) results in:
    – 69 projects (features, series, etc.) on average each year
    – A GDP contribution of over $452.3 million
    – Provincial tax incentives make up roughly 25% of film and television financing in Manitoba
    – For each $1 million of the Province’s investment, it leverages $7.1 million in production
    – An estimated $151.9 million in combined tax revenue (federally, provincially, and locally)
  • Posted On: 5th October 2018