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Office Production Assistant (Office PA)

If you want to work in the hub of the production process, then the production office may be for you. Office PAs assist in the logistical complexities of getting a film through pre-production and principalphotography. Production Assistants are the foot soldiers of a film or television production team, performing work that is usually extremely varied and that provides a good entry level role into the film industry.  

The production office is the switchboard of a feature film. Production staff wade through a tremendous workload, pushing the production forward and making sure the producer, director, cast and crew have everything in place for the shoot.

One of the most critically important tasks while working in the production office is to manage script revisions in an expedient fashion for cast and crew. Once the writer or director has approved pages, it is necessary for the designated person in the office to make sure the page numbers match up with the currently approved draft and to ensure that new pages are released to the necessary individuals in the proper colour order. This crucial job is done on software like Final Draft or Movie Magic.

“Working in the production office requires a huge amount of adaptability and attention to detail – you will be going through and producing paperwork that must be 100% accurate while staying one step ahead of the shooting schedule. Knowing your way around the software will allow you to do your job accurately and proficiently, and increase your chances of getting hired in the first place”. -Aaron Graham

Some other resources to help you get started:
Get On Set Manitoba – an online resource to help you get your start in the film industry in Manitoba
DGC Manitoba – the labour organization representing office PAs
FTM Online Courses – Set Orientation is a required course for DGC membership and an important first step to getting hired on your first production
Intro to Final Draft & Movie Magic – FTM workshop on October 18 & 19

  • Posted On: 4th October 2017
  • Under: Careers