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Manitobans Gain 27 CSA Noms

Manitobans Gain 27 CSA Noms

Manitobans will be well-represented at the Canadian Screen Awards this year with 27 nominations for Manitobans and Manitoba projects, including The Forbidden Room for Best Motion Picture.

The locally-shot Paul Gross film Hyena Road leads with eight total nominations, including Achievement in Cinematography and Achievement in Art Direction. Hyena Road was shot in Manitoba, Jordan and Afghanistan and was co-produced by Manitoba’s Buffalo Gal Pictures. The Forbidden Room, directed by Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson, is nominated for three awards including Achievement in Art Direction, Achievement in Sound Editing and Best Motion Picture. The Forbidden Room was also co-produced by Buffalo Gal Pictures. The Manitoba feature Borealis, written by Jonas Chernick and directed by Sean Garrity (both Manitoban), is nominated for Achievement in Visual Effects.

“The numerous nominations for Manitoba made, quality productions reflects the huge range of talent in all genres including feature film, fiction and factual television and documentary productions,” said Nicole Matiation, Executive Director of On Screen Manitoba. “These nominations are a further confirmation that Manitoba is a world-class production centre.”

Manitoba’s television nominations are also impressive, including five for the sketch comedy series Sunnyside, filmed in Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighborhood. Co-produced by Buffalo Gal Pictures, the series is nominated for Best Writing, Best Photography, Best Sound, Best Score and Best Performance for the ensemble cast. The factual series Still Standing, produced by Manitoba’s Frantic Films, has four nominations including Best Factual Program or Series, Best Writing, Best Picture Editing and Best Host. Another Frantic Films project Buy It, Fix It, Sell It is nominated for Best Lifestyle Program or Series.

Manitoba is also well-represented in the documentary categories. The Merit Motion Pictures documentary Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War is nominated for Best History Documentary Program or Series. Kaha: wi – The Cycle of Life from Shane Belcourt (APTN) is nominated for Best Direction in a Documentary Program and Decoding Desire from Ryszard Hunka (CBC) in nominated for Best Writing in a Documentary Program of Series.

A short from Manitoban Matthew Rankin called Mynarski Death Plummet is nominated alongside Caroline Monnet’s Roberta in the Live Action Short Drama category.

The winners of the Canadian Screen Awards will be named over the course of three galas, with the final broadcast gala at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto. You can watch the ceremony live on CBC Sunday, March 13 at 8 pm.

Manitoba Nominations

Best Motion Picture

Phoebe Greenberg, Penny Mancuso, Phyllis Laing, David Christensen, Guy Maddin – The Forbidden Room

Achievement in Art Direction

Galen Johnson, Brigitte Henry, Chris Lavis, Maciek Szczerbowski – The Forbidden Room

Arv Greywal, Steve Shewchuk, Larry Spittle – Hyena Road

Achievement in Cinematography

Karim Hussain – Hyena Road

Achievement in Costume Design

Katelynd Johnston – Hyena Road

Achievement in Editing

David Wharnsby – Hyena Road

Achievement in Make-Up

Jayne Dancose, Debra Johnson, Charles Porlier – Hyena Road

Achievement in Overall Sound

Lou Solakofski, Ian Rankin, Joe Morrow, Russ Dyck, Graham Rogers, James Bastable, André Azoubel, Don White, Jack Hereen – Hyena Road

Achievement in Sound Editing

John Gurdebeke, David Rose – The Forbidden Room

Jane Tattersall, David McCallum, Martin Gwynn Jones, Barry Gilmore, David Evans, Dave Rose, Brennan Mercer, Ed Douglas, Kevin Banks, Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm – Hyena Road

Achievement in Visual Effects

Darren Wall – Borealis

Phil Jones, Sarah Wormsbecher, Eric Doiron, Anthony DeChellis, Lon Molnar, Geoff D.E. Scott, Nathan Larouche, Mark Fordham – Hyena Road

Best Live Action Short Drama

Matthew Rankin, Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette – Mynarski Death Plummet 

Caroline Monnet – Roberta

Best Factual Program or Series

Still Standing CBC (CBC) (Frantic Films) Jamie Brown, Catherine Legge, Jeff Peeler

Best History Documentary Program or Series

Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War CBC (CBC) (Merit Motion Pictures) Merit Jensen Carr, Andy Blicq

Best Lifestyle Program or Series

Buy It, Fix It, Sell It HGTV Canada (Shaw Media) (Frantic Films) Jamie Brown, Jeff Peeler, Catherine Legge

Best Direction in a Documentary Program

Kaha:wi – The Cycle of Life APTN (APTN) Shane Belcourt

Best Original Music Score for a Series

Sunnyside – Top Hat City (Rogers Media) James Jandrisch

Best Photography in a Variety or Sketch Comedy Program or Series

Sunnyside – Top Hat City (Rogers Media) D. Gregor Hagey

Best Picture Editing in a Factual Program or Series

Still Standing – Buxton CBC (CBC) Jorge Parra, Robert Kew, Tony Coleman

Best Sound in a Variety or Animated Program or Series

Sunnyside – Top Hat City (Rogers Media) Steve Moore, Lucas Roveda, John Laing, Mark Dejczak, Marilee Yorston, David Mercel

Best Writing in a Documentary Program or Series

Decoding Desire CBC (CBC) Ryszard Hunka

Best Writing in a Factual Program or Series

Still Standing – Buxton CBC (CBC) Jonny Harris, Chuck Byrn, Nile Seguin

Best Writing in a Variety or Sketch Comedy Program or Series

Sunnyside – Top Hat City (Rogers) Dan Redican, Gary Pearson, Kathleen Phillips, Alastair Forbes, Jan Caruana

Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition, or Talk Program or Series

Still Standing – Coleman CBC (CBC) Jonny Harris

Best Performance in a Variety or Sketch Comedy Program or Series (Individual or Ensemble)

Sunnyside – Top Hat City (Rogers Media) Kathleen Phillips, Pat Thornton, Patrice Goodman, Kevin Vidal, Alice Moran, Rob Norman, Norm Macdonald