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Less Thank Kind Season 4 on TV

This article written by Brad Oswald was first published in The Winnipeg Free Press on May 29, 2013.

If you know you’re only going around the track one more time, you might as well put the pedal to the metal and make it the wildest ride possible.

That seems to be the attitude of the producers and cast of Less Than Kind, the locally shot comedy series that has its fourth — and final — season premi®re on Sunday, June 2, on HBO Canada.

From its first episode forward, this home-stretch edition of Less Than Kind — a smart, edgy comedy about a dysfunctional family operating a driving school in Winnipeg’s North End — is all about raising the stakes for each of its main characters to ensure that everyone involved exits with a sense that they went out with a big, resounding bang.

“You actually get to drive all the narrative forces toward a conclusion, which is interesting,” says Mark McKinney, LTK’s executive producer and showrunner. “The network was very turned on by the ideas we came up with, so they gave us an hour to wrap up the series. Rather than the usual half-hour show, we’ll be doing our first hour-long show, which will allow us to pull all the narrative threads together.”

Season 4 of LTK represents a particularly big year for the show’s younger characters — Sheldon (Jesse Camacho), Miriam (Brooke Palsson) and Danny (Tyler Johnston) — who now have high school graduation behind them and are moving into a new phase of their lives.

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