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The Pinkertons

Directors: Gary Yates, Don McCutcheon, Doug Mitchell, Michael DeCarlo, Paul Fox, Norma Bailey and Jeff Beesley.

Writers: Kevin Abrams, Adam Moore, Alison Lea Bingeman, Glenn Davis, William Laurin, Christina Ray, Roy Sallows, Avrum Jacobson, Graham Clegg, Tony Elliot, Alexandra Mircheff and Ira Parker

Producers: Kevin Abrams, Adam Moore, Christina Ray, Peter Tororici, Rhonda Baker, Rob Heydon, Stacey Tenenbaum, Graham Clegg, Alison Lea Bingeman, Philip Bedard, Larry Lalonde, Aaron L. Gilbert, Suzanne L. Berger, Todd Berger and Gary Mueller

A father and son team up with America’s first female detective to solve crimes in the Wild West.

  • Posted On: 24th April 2015