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Faces in the Crowd

Réalisateur : Julien Magnat
Scénaristes : Julien Magnat, Agnès Caffin, Kelly Smith
Producteurs : Kevin DeWalt, Jean-Charles Lévy, Clément Miserez, Jamie Brown (Frantic Films),Scott Mednick, Sylvain White, David Cormican

Filmé à Winnipeg (Manitoba).

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Barely surviving a brutal attack by a deranged serial killer, a young woman (Milla Jovovich), wakes in hospital only to discover her head injury has left her ‘face-blind’: she can no longer recognize anyone’s faces.  Not even her own in the mirror; least of all, her attacker.  Now she must navigate a world where everyone’s face changes the second she loses sight of it…and the killer is closing in.  She is the only one who has seen his face…yet he could be anyone.

  • Posted On: 13th May 2013