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On Screen Manitoba

On Screen Manitoba leads and supports the development of a dynamic media production industry that is recognized internationally for its world class creative and technical talent. Manitoba companies work in all genres (in English and French) and have access to some of the best production incentives in Canada.

OSM supports the ongoing growth and development of its members through:

Communications – Keeping members and stakeholders informed through our website, iPhone app, blog, social media tools, newsletters and printed communications

Industry Representation – Sharing information, research findings and our local industry’s perspective with provincial and national decision-makers

Economic Impact – Serving as the leading industry information source in Manitoba, publishing regular economic impact studies and state of the industry reviews

Networking – Assembling the community by hosting quarterly professional development and networking events, speaker series and conferences enabling members to make business connections

Marketing – Promoting members and association initiatives through our website, iPhone app, blog, social media tools, newsletters, printed communications, local and national events and industry publications

Industry Development Programming – Supporting Manitoba production companies, writers and filmmakers to market themselves internationally, develop their businesses and access professional development

Vistit On Screen Manitoba for more information.